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My Paramount bonus

This Bonus program calculates based on your net deposit and trading Volume with the formula shown below;

Calculated Bonus = Net Deposit x Size of Bonus

Net deposit is the difference between the total amount deposited and total amount withdrawn.

Current Bonus is the amount of bonus that is available for trading and is added to your funds in MT4. This amount is available for you to trade with and cannot be withdrawn. However, if you make profit with this money, then you can withdraw this profit.

In order to find your size of bonus there is formula shown below:

Size of Bonu = (TV/ND) / 1000

Trading Volume(TV) = lot x Contract size

For example:

Total Deposit : 2000 USD

Total Withdrawals: 600 USD

Trading Volume : 26000000

Size of bonus Bonus %
1.0 10 %
1.0-3.0 20 %
3.0-6.0 30 %
6.0-10.0 40 %
10.0-12.0 50 %
>12.0 60 %


Bonus will be calculated as:

Net Deposit = 2000 - 600 = 1400 USD

Ratio = ( 2,600,000/1400 )/1000 = 18.57

According to the ratio of trading volume to net deposit.

size of bonus will be 60% (According to the table for this particular bonus program)

Thus current bonus will be as Bonus = 60% x 1400 =840 USD

  • This bonus Program is Only available for the Standard account
  • If your net deposit goes negative there is no bonus for you.
  • If your free margin goes negative, we will cover your loss from your bonus.